The Trusted Heart Family

Jamie Yingling / Owner, Director, Lead Photographer

I’m a wife and a mommy and a lover of beautiful photos. While growing up, there was always a part of me that wanted to be a photographer. I ended up majoring in Theatre in college, but my love of pictures was never far away. It wasn’t until I met my very creative husband, Justin down below, that I had the nerve to pursue my hobby on a more professional level. We now work as a team taking and editing all pictures and we love it! Justin does all of our photo manipulation, digital marketing, web design, and web development. I love getting to know my clients and always start with a questionnaire, either in person or via email. These questions help me dive deeper into their personalities, likes, dislikes, and what style of photography they want. I strive to make each photo shoot as personal to my client as possible and you can see this by viewing our portfolio of recent photo shoots. Besides, isn’t that what you’re paying me for? To put your needs first and give you the photos that will make you smile every time you look back on them?

Justin Yingling / CEO, Marketing, Development, Photographer

I’m Justin, the husband and the father of our two beautiful girls. When Jamie and I first met, I was impressed by her talent and love for photography. Jamie is great at what she does and has an eye for taking beautiful photos, her personality is infectious, and she really loves working people.  Not long after getting married, we decided to join forces and bring our talents together as one.  My background and experience comes from the world of digital marketing and web development for local businesses and corporations. My primary duties at Trusted Heart are not only web and marketing but in taking photos too. I too have love for photography and my favorite is taking candid shots. I really enjoy capturing the perfect moment.   

Mr. Walker Yingling / Watch Dog, Play Monster

I’m Walker, the family dog and most playful guy you’ll ever meet. I love hanging around the house, playing with kids, and really love playing fetch. When my parents are out taking pictures, I guard the place and keep a good eye and ear out for strangers. It’s not a bad job, I get lots of treats for being good and doing my job when they’re away. I sometimes get to go with them when they do park sessions, it’s really fun! 

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